K. L. Noone: A Traveling Poem

An absolutely gorgeous poem by K. L. Noone which really gets across the heart-aching void of missing someone special whilst travelling abroad. Don’t forget you can find all of K. L.’s other books and writing here.


Pic credit: Yousef Aluhigi on Unsplash.com

I miss you.

There’s a sunrise outside

the airplane window and already I miss you.

I miss the weight of your body against mine. I miss

Reaching out a hand

and knowing it’ll find yours.

I have distractions. I speak

of history and stories and theories and scholarship,

academic and precise. I speak

to other people.

They are very nearly as real as you are.

You are my anchor. I will see you soon.

My skin counts down the days, the hours, the minutes.

The sky above the city might’ve been a Monet painting

as we crossed the bridge today, exploring this city:

no visible source of light, but light all-encompassing,

swirling through the clouds.

I wanted to say this to you, and I thought

about the day I knew I was in love with you,

the day on which I knew that I wanted to say everything to you,

bad puns, strange asides, random whims that came to mind,

because I could: because you’d nod, or laugh,

or shake your head while smiling, and take my hand.

That knowing

is the best thing I’ve ever done.

I take photographs of places you would like,

intricate colors, angled shapes,

signs that’d make you smile.

I try for some time to capture the lens flare

on the edges of a building

the way you would,

with the eye of your camera. I do not succeed.

But I will show you my efforts.

Tonight I will speak to you, electronic and windy,

across distance and a continent;

your voice will be warm in my ear before sleep.