Addison Albright: Adam’s Regrettable Tattoo

Back in the day Addison wrote a lot of short fiction to word and/or theme prompts from her readers. This little gem, which had to use the words ‘tattoo’ and ‘edit’ as well as a specific last line, is one of the results. I hope you giggle as much as I did! You can find more from Addison at her website.


Pic credit: Eduardo Vaccari on

“All done.” The tattoo artist gave Adam’s fresh art a final swipe with a cloth and handed him a small mirror.

Adam angled the mirror to check out his backside and gasped when he saw what the man had done. “What the hell did you write?” Adam instantly regretted his words. It probably wasn’t the most tactful way of handling the situation, but damn…

“Wha’dya mean? I just asked you five minutes ago if you wanted the name of the flower printed underneath the picture. You said, ‘yeah, sure.’”

Adam’s stomach clenched just thinking about how hard Steve would laugh at the way his nickname for Adam had been interpreted. “Is it too late to edit that?”

“I can’t erase it.” The burly guy’s face pinched as if he was insulted by the mere suggestion.

Adam took a deep calming breath and tried to be diplomatic. “Can you turn that last e into an a?” Because really, sweet pee was completely unacceptable, no matter how much it might upset the tattoo artist to have it pointed out.

The guy muttered something unintelligible and picked up his tattoo gun. Adam sighed and tried to relax. He would give anything to turn back the clock five minutes.

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